Saliara beach Thassos island Greece

Saliara is a beach on the east coast of Thassos, about 5 km south of Makryammos. It is called the Marble Beach and this name has not come by accident - because of the white sand and white marble pebbles on the sea floor, the water has a unique white-blue color and reminds of the water on the shore of a tropical island. Even in the hottest days the sand is cool because of the small marble pieces in it. 

The beach is situated in a small and secluded bay and if you do not know how to find it, you will not accidentally see it. In order to get there, you must first find the entrance to Makryammos Hotel and Bungalows, located on the beach of Makryammos. Next to the entrance you will see a dirt road, take it. The road continues for about 5 km drive slowly, because there are big holes (for cars with low suspension the holes look even bigger). There are no deviations and after a while you will see Saliara from above. You will forget about the off-road as soon as you see the water.

Photo: Jugoslav M. Thassos, Greece, OC


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